Rosh Hashanah Challah (Candied Fruit)\



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Our traditional plain Jewish Sabbath challah comes in a variety of shapes, toppings, sizes, and fillings. They can be made as a twist, round, or a wreath. They can be topped with poppyseed, sesame seeds, or sprinkles & icing. They can be plain, or filled with candied fruits or raisins. They can come in different sizes: 1LB, 2LB, 3LB, and 4LB. 1 LB Challah can only be made in the twist shape. It cannot contain any filling, but it can be made with any topping.

This item will only be available for pickup 9/13/2023 – 9/17/2023.


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2 Pounds, 3 Pounds, 4 Pounds


No Topping, Sesame Seeds, Poppyseed, Candy Sprinkles


No Icing, Sugar Icing


Twist, Round, Wreath


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